ECON1203 Business and Economic Statistics Comprehensive organised textbook notes covering Weeks 1-12 Covering topics: 1. Intro: Frequency distribution, histograms, distribution shapes and describing bivariate distributions 2. Measures of central tendency, dispersion measures, measures of association and an intro to linear regression 3. Data collection, sampling and an intro to probability distributions 4. Random variables; discrete probability distributions; expectations 5. Discrete and continuous random variables 6. Intro to estimators and sampling distributions; confidence intervals; intro to hypothesis testing; tests about the population proportion 7. Central limit theorem more on sampling distribution s, hypothesis testing, and inference; tests about the population mean; tests when the population variance is unknown 8. More on confidence intervals; errors in hypothesis testing; p-values; power and sample size 9. Chi-squared tests 10. Simple linear regression; the least squares method; basic assumptions; R-squared 11. Inference about the regression line; errors and residuals; intro to multiple regression 12. Multiple regression, continued; review


Semester 2, 2017

42 pages

18,806 words


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