This set of Succession Law Notes is designed to explain to you the course to enable you to use/copy out in the exam.

They include explanations of all the relevant principles, examination scripts and detailed case summaries.

Topic 2: Intestacy
Topic 3: Wills and Will Making
Topic 4: Mental Requirements
Topic 5: Execution Requirements for Will Making/Formalities
Topic 6: Exceptions to Formal Requirements
Topic 7: Changing a Will
Topic 8: Interpretation of Wills
Topic 9: Gifts by Will
Topic 10: Family Provision
Topic 11: Personal Representatives
Topic 12: Grants of Representation
Topic 13: Functions and Duties of Personal Reps
Topic 14: Powers, Rights and Liabilities of PRs


Semester 2, 2019

137 pages

73,640 words



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