I used these notes to achieve a distinction (78) in Law and Social Theory.

Comprehensive and detailed notes on all readings for the course. Extremely useful for the major and minor essays. Up to date and covers all topics including recent commentary on Covid-19.

Covers the following topics:
- What is Social Theory
- The Commodity Exchange Theory of Law
- Labour, Class Struggle and the Law
- Law, Violence and Primitive Accumulation
- Theories of Class and State - Miliband and Poulantzas
- Weber on the Dialectic of Rationalisation in Modernity
- Weber on Bureaucracy, Law and Political Legitimacy
- Bureaucracy and the Holocaust
- Foucault on Discipline
- Foucault on Biopower and Sovereignty
- Gender, Capitalism and Exploitation
- Post-Structural Feminism and the Critique of Rights
- Neoliberalism: Hayek on the Market, Society and Law
- Neoliberalism and Constitutional Democracy
- Sovereignty and Global Capitalism
- Sovereignty, Emergency and Security
- Climate Emergency
- Social Critique in the Time of Covid-19


Term 2, 2020

100 pages

46,899 words



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