Detailed notes covering every single reading in the course - these are useful for the mid semester assignment and final take home exam.
Covers the following topics:
- Introduction
- Behavioural legal ethics
- Community Legal Centres, Clients and Communication
- The Legal Profession and Entry to the Profession
- Lawyers' Accountability (Complaints and Discipline)
- Fidelity to the Law and Accountability
- Access to Justice and the Context of Change
- Ethics of the Lawyer-Client Relationship
- Representing and Advising the Client
- Money Matters
- Ethics Implementation (GVV)
- Client Loyalty and Trust
- Civility, Courtesy and Ethics Implementation
- Negotiation and ADR
- Criminal and Family Ethics
- Corporate Ethics
-Accountability (Competence and Care)
- Accountability and Civil Litigation


Term 2, 2020

104 pages

51,131 words



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