Formatted to put everything you need to formulate an answer in one page. Elements clearly listed out in bold, so you only have to tick them off. Every proposition has the source and authority. Joint Criminal Enterprise laid out so you can visualise complicity. Topics covered include but are not limited to: - Larceny - Fraud - Common assault (battery + psychic) - Assault occasioning ABH - Attempted offences - Complicity and JCE - Extended JCE / Doctrine of common purpose - Self-defence - Mental illness/insanity - Sane Automatism - Intoxication - Duress - Necessity This comprehensively covers offences and defences. It also covers police powers and bail. Relevant legislation for every offence, defence and procedural rules are also provided, along with authoritative case summaries which include facts, decisions and principles established. Finish your exam on time when everything you need is in one document! Don't waste time rifling or scrolling through multiple pages. Everything has been condensed into what you need.


Autumn session, 2020

21 pages

10,892 words



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