Semester 1, 2020
Lecturer: Amy Perfors
Statistical Software: R
H1 notes on all lecture video content Week 1-11
Additional: Self-Made Scenarios for each statistical test
( I recommend using these as practice questions before the exam)

Week 1: Operators, Functions, Variables and Vectors
Week 2: Basics of Research, Data Manipulation and Statistics
Week 3: Tables and Data Manipulation
Week 4: Graphs and Plots, Geoms, Colours and Miscellaneous
Week 5: Break
Week 6: Probability, Distributions, Sampling Distribution, CLT, NLST and Statistical Decisions
Week 7: Goodness of Fit, Test of Independence, Miscellaneous
Week 8: One Sample Theory, One Sample Practice, Independent Samples, Paired Samples T-test and Assumptions
Week 9: One-Way and Two-Way ANOVA
Week 10: Correlation and Regression, Psychological Assessment
Week 11: Psychological Assessment
Additional Content: All Statistical Test Summary and Scenarios


Semester 1, 2020

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