Achieved a 90 in Legal Theory (LAWS50031). I have an H1 average WAM and was STS tutor for multiple subjects.

Week One: Thinking about Law
Wesley Pue, ‘Educating the Total Jurist?’
Christine Black, ‘The Land is the Source of the Law’

Week Two: Law and Force
Denise Meyerson, ‘Essential Jurisprudence’
Hart, the Concept of Law
What is Law? Legal Positivism

Week Three: Rival Accounts of Law, Morality and Legality
Hart, ‘Positivism and the Separation of Law and Morals’
Fuller, ‘Reply to Prof. Hart’
Lloyd’s Introduction of Jurisprudence

Week Four: Judges and Interpretation
Dworkin: Law’s Empire

Week Five: Law and Force
Cover, Violence and the Word
Llewellyn, ‘Theory of Rules…’
Genovese, Histories of Australian Legalism

Week Six: Legal Persons
Ngaire Naffine, ‘Who are Law’s Persons…’
Margaret Davies, ‘Person, Property, and Community’
Naffine, Our Legal Lives…
Meyerson, Chaps 6 & 8

Week Seven: Public and Private Domains: Rights and Duties
John Stuart Mill, ‘On the Limits of the Authority of Society over the Individual’
Patricia Williams, ‘The Pain of Word Bondage’
Robin L. West, ‘Tragic Rights: The Rights Critique in the Age of Obama’
Irene Watson, ‘There is No Possibility of Rights without Law…’

Week Eight: Revision and Analogy
Sophocles, Antigone
Janssens, ‘The Drama of Question and Answer’

Week Nine: the Promise of Human Rights
Waldron, ‘Is Dignity the Foundation of Human Rights’
Kapur, ‘Human Rights in the 21st Century’
Douzinas, ‘Human Rights for Martians’

Week Ten: Justice and Injustice
Gardner, ‘The Virtue of Justice’
Gaita, ‘Justice beyond Fairness…’
Shklar, ‘Giving Injustice Its Due’

Week Eleven: Plural Jurisprudences
Davies, ‘The Ethos of Pluralism’
McMillan, ‘Koowarta and the rival Indigenous international…’
Riles, ‘From Comparison to Collaboration…’
Pahuja, ‘Letters from Bandung…’

Week Twelve: The Good Lawyer and Revision
Davies, ‘Subjects and perspective’


Semester 2, 2018

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