Evidence can be tricky, but these exam notes break each of the topics down into checklists to make your life easier! Very clear and concise, whilst covering all possible scenarios that may appear on the exam.

These exam notes cover all the legislation, cases and other material referred to in the reading guide. I made sure to check my notes against authorities such as the Judicial College of Victoria to ensure their accuracy.

I scored 100% on the written submissions about coincidence evidence and res gestae, 90% on the oral submissions and a HD in the exam.

The following topics are covered:
Topic 1: Introduction
Topic 2: Relevance, Discretionary And Mandatory Exclusions And Leave
Topic 3: Competence And Compellability
Topic 4: Privilege
Topic 5: Examination Of Witnesses
Topic 6: Character And Credibility
Topic 7: Accused’s Right To Silence
Topic 8: Tendency, Coincidence And Res Gestae
Topic 9: Hearsay
Topic 10: Admissions
Topic 11: Improperly and Illegally Obtained Evidence
Topic 12: Opinion Evidence


Semester 1, 2020

85 pages

25,548 words



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