Contains comprehensive summary of all the cases studied as well as specific judgements and their respective analysis. Majority of the notes are in a easy to read - 'question & ans table' form. Potential HYPO structures are also included throughout topics. Extremely useful for both exam and learning purposes.

Topics covered within Constitutional Law in Semester 2, 2019:
- Introduction to the Commonwealth Constitution
- Interpretation of the 'heads of powers'
- External Affairs Power
- Corporations Power
- Inconsistency of State and Federal legislation
- Intergovernmental Immunities
- Defence Power
- Commonwealth Executive Power/Federal Allocation of Powers/Nationhood
- The 'Inherent' Commonwealth Executive Power
- Judicial Power
- The Boilermaker's Doctrine (Federal Courts + State Courts)
- Federalism/Economic Union/Federal Financial Relations
- Taxing Power (Federal + States)
- Freedom of Interstate Trade
- The Implied Freedom of Political Communication
- Representative Government and Voting Rights


Semester 2, 2019

137 pages

42,075 words



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