Extremely exam friendly templates that are easy to navigate. Key details, such as salient facts, important judicial statements or tips from the chief examiner (my CE was Fiona Hum), are included to help secure that HD point. Colour-coded with symbols and tables to draw your attention in a time-pressured exam (see my sample notes). Precise and succinct. These notes achieved my HD score!

Topic List:
1. Relevance
2. Competence & Compellability
3. Privilege
4. Examination of Witnesses
5. Character and Credibility
6. The Accused's Right to Silence
7. Tendency and Coincidence Evidence
8. Hearsay
9. Admissions (includes illegally/improperly obtained evidence topic)
10. Opinion
11. Miscellaneous provisions in the Evidence Act (discretionary exclusions, reliability warnings, etc)


Semester 1, 2020

77 pages

42,139 words



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