Uses tables and guided steps to explain and break down simple concepts for easy application during exam.

This helped me during my final exam (problem question) and will also help you. Cases are included at the back of each topic for your reference/self study.

Table of Contents
Topic 2: Intestacy
Topic 3: Wills and Will Making
Topic 4: Mental Requirements
Topic 5: Statutory Wills
Topic 6: Execution Requirements/Formalities
Topic 7: Exceptions to Formal Requirements
Topic 8: Changing a Will
Topic 9: Interpretation of Wills
Topic 10: Gifts
Topic 11: Family Provision
Topic 12: Personal Representatives
Topic 13: Grants of Representation
Topic 14: Functions and Duties of Personal Reps
Topic 15: Powers, Rights and Liabilities of PRs


Semester 2, 2019

229 pages

80,000 words



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