These notes cover the whole lifespan social and emotional development course comprehensively and in detail. All lecture content is covered in these notes, and further detail is given for more difficult concepts. These lecture notes are a comprehensive guide not only the lecture content, but also to what the lecturers are saying (very similar, almost transcription-like).

These notes are perfect for studying for the assignment and exam. Using these notes I achieved a score of 89.

Topics covered in the notes:
1. Introduction and Lifespan theories
2. Childhood (4 lectures)
3. Adolescence (4 lectures)
4. Young adulthood (4 lectures)
5. Middle adulthood (4 lectures)
6. Late adulthood (4 lectures)
7. Review of Lifespan studies (longitudinal studies)


Semester 2, 2019

95 pages

41,085 words



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