Includes an overview of each topic, examples, case summaries, legislation, and reading extracts implemented throughout.

Topics include:

Reasons for resolving disputes through the legal system;
The fair trial;
Access to justice;
Case management;
Alternative dispute resolution (ADR);
The role of the lawyer;
Admission to practice and disciplining lawyers;
The lawyer/client relationship;
Law as a business;
Cost disclosure;
Pre-litigation considerations;
Commencing proceedings;
Defending proceedings - disposal without trial;
Abuse of process;
Interim remedies;
Conflict of interests;
Ensuring finality of litigation;
Obtaining information from the other side;
Confidential information;
Judgment, appeal, and enforcement;
Allocating the cost of litigation; and
The duty to obey and uphold the law.


Semester 2, 2019

67 pages

43,465 words



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