These notes include detailed summaries of lecture topics including all models, tables and diagrams. Please note that I achieved 94% in this subject and offer tutoring in most Psychology subjects. All the best!

Week 1: Introduction to Motivation
Week 2: Natural and sexual selection
Week 3: nature and nurture
Week 4: sensory sensations and consciousness
Week 5 Lecture: Drives
Week 6 Lecture: Arousal
Week 7: Basic emotions: natural kinds
Week 8: Basic Emotion - The Emotional Process
Week 10: Specific Basic Emotions (Fear and Anger)
Week 11: Self Conscious Emotions: Maybe listen to this again
Week 12: Cognition in stimulus relevance connections
Week 13: Cognition in relevance-response connections
WEEK 14: Summing Up - Approaches to research , and effecting behavioural change


Semester 2, 2014

147 pages

43,046 words



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