Detailed complete course notes organised by week.

I have made these detailed notes using ALL assessable content for the course - lecture slides, lecturer comments and examples, tutorials, required readings of journal articles and textbook pages.

ALL the important information for IBUS1102 to help you get a great mark for all your assessments and the final exam!

Lecture topics:
- Introduction to culture
- Cultural variables and dimensions
- Intercultural communication
- Cross-cultural negotiation
- Dealing with bribery
- Cross-cultural ethics
- International human resource management
- Multi-cultural teams
- Leadership
- Cultivating cultural intelligence (CQ)
- The journey of the global leader
- The global environment

Exam ready tips from the lecturer - important things to know for the final exam!

Required readings:
- Stereotyping from the perspective of perceivers and targets (Khan, Benda & Stagnaro, 2012)
- Research shows immigrants help businesses grow: Here’s why (Kelly, 2018)
- It’s never been more important for big companies to listen to local communities (Dorobantu & Flemming, 2017)
- How to build trust with colleagues you rarely see (Neeley, 2018)
- Greased palms, giant headaches (Currell & David-Bradley, 2012)
- Coercion in cross-border property rights (Wenar, 2015)
- Three keys to getting an overseas assignment right (Clouse & Watkins, 2009)

Textbook notes: (written in purple font in my notes so you know what was and wasn't mentioned in lectures)
- International management : Managing across borders and cultures, text and cases (Deresky, 2016)


Semester 1, 2020

33 pages

11,480 words



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