This scaffolds will help you through the final exam - it is designed in a way to help you issue spot and discuss relevant case law/legislation and concepts to achieve high marks. The scaffolds are detailed because it covers all possible issues that may arise in the exam. TOPICS: 1. Introduction 2. Proof (Part 1) 3(a). Witnesses (Calling, Competence/Compellability & Sworn/Unsworn Evidence) 3(b). Witnesses (Examination of Witnesses) 3(c). Witnesses (Cross-Examination) 4. Documents 5. Real Evidence 6. Relevance 7. Discretionary Exclusions; Limits on Use 8. Hearsay 9. Credibility 10. Admissions 11. Opinion Rule 12. Tendency & Coincidence Rule 13. Character Evidence 14. Proof (Part 2) Step by Step scaffolds and easy to understand - covers all the things you need to place into the exam and talk about in order to score high marks.


Semester 2, 2019

52 pages

18,187 words



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