If you don't want to attend/can't make lectures, these notes are all you need! These plus the scaffolds will guarantee you at least a credit if you didn't do anything during the semester. Topics include: 1. Introduction 2. Proof (Part 1) 3(a). Witnesses (Calling, Competence/Compellability & Sworn/Unsworn Evidence) 3(b). Witnesses (Examination of Witnesses) 3(c). Witnesses (Cross-Examination) 4. Documents 5. Real Evidence 6. Relevance 7. Discretionary Exclusions; Limits on Use 8. Hearsay 9. Credibility 10. Admissions 11. Opinion Rule 12. Tendency & Coincidence Rule 13. Character Evidence 14. Proof (Part 2) These are full and comprehensive course notes, I spent hours creating these to make them accessible and easy to understand! They combine the textbook and lecture recordings. If you have these with you during lectures, you will understand the course as you go rather than figuring it all out at the end!


Semester 2, 2019

152 pages

50,267 words



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