Entire semesters worth (13 lectures) of high quality HD notes, fit with easy to read diagrams and breakdowns of topics and concepts. Notes are written in latex so it looks aesthetic just like a maths textbook! Given that this subject consists of amount 50% of content from the HSC Advanced Mathematics course, there is a greater focus and emphasis with examples on the topics that are not covered in High School. Topics include: • The Straight Line • Non-Linear Functions • Arithmetic and Geometric Sequences and Series • Financial Mathematics • Differentiation with a Single Variable • Optimisation with a Single Variable • Multi-Variable Optimisation • Constrained Optimisation and Lagrange Multipliers • Integration (I and II) • Matrices, System of Equations and Determinants • Cramer's Rule, Inverse Matrices and System of Equations


Semester 1, 2020

44 pages

9,000 words



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