Comprehensive notes covering content from all lectures and weekly readings. Everything you need in order to ace the final exam, as well addressing concepts that are crucial for the written assignments. Topics covered are: Topic 1 - Climate Change in Deep Geological Time - Formation and Early Evolution of Our Planet - Continental Drift to Plate Tectonics - Plate Tectonic Controls on Topography, Climate and Evolution - Formation of Rocks and Minerals: The Rock and Fossil Record - Events that Changed Our World Topic 2 - From Rocks to Soil: The Concept of Soil Security - Atmospheric Systems, Climate Change and the Oceans - Terrestrial Water Systems and Water Security Topic 3 - Human Population Size & Sustainability of Biophysical Environment - Human Role in Recent Climate Change - Framing of Climate Change as a Human Problem & Strategies - Costs and Risks of Climate Change & Future Action - The Anthropocene


Semester 1, 2019

53 pages

31,209 words



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