** Free sample for Corporations Power (seminar notes & cases) and Executive power (seminar notes & cases) available in sample **

These seminar notes were prepared over the course of the semester and include:
• Comprehensive summary of EVERY case in the course (including summaries of each individual judgment)
• Key points from reading guide and seminars
• Completed class hypotheticals incorporated into notes
• Basic hypo structures (see my hypo notes for step-by-step guides).

If you read only these notes, you won't need to do the readings as I have spent literally WEEKS over the course of the semester doing every reading and extracting the key points. These notes cover the ENTIRE course.

All topics are prepared identically to the sample for the Corporations and Executive power seminars above.

Also selling a comprehensive step-by-step exam checklist for every topic.


Semester 2, 2018

146 pages

82,316 words



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