I created these step-by-step answer guides for my problem-based exam in T1 2020 as it was the first trimester the exam was not based on essay questions. I spent a lot of time creating these notes so they are very concise, step-by-step and all the important cases are marked in red. These notes are 20 pages long and can be used as a skeleton to answering problem-based questions. The topics included are: Jurisdiction Standing Justiciability Remedies Legal Errors (Grounds) Jurisdictional Error Ouster Clauses Tribunals Ombudsman Information I hope you find these notes to be as useful as I did for my exam :) The notes also include EXAM TIPS which the lecturers mentioned throughout the trimester, particularly toward the end and in the revision lectures and seminars.


Trimester 1, 2020

20 pages

5,916 words



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