These notes are a comprehensive scaffold of the law of torts subject, which were used to achieve a high distinction.

The torts exam is a restricted book exam and you are only allowed 2 double sided pages of notes. These notes are therefore a comprehensive summary of all relevant topics, condensed into 4 pages. The notes cover the following areas:

1. Negligence
a. Duty of care
i. Established duty situations
ii. Established duty areas
iii. Novel duty situations
iv. Pure mental harm
v. Pure economic loss
vi. Vicarious liability
vii. Non-delegable duties
viii. Atypical plaintiffs
b. Standard of care
i. Legal standard of care
ii. Negligence calculus
iii. Reasonable person test
c. Statutory authorities
d. Causation
i. Factual causation
ii. Scope of liability
e. Defences
i. Contributory negligence
ii. Intoxication
iii. Voluntary assumption of risk
iv. Obvious risk
v. Inherent risk
vi. Recreational activity
vii. Dangerous recreational activity
viii. Serious criminal activity
2. Intentional torts
a. Actions involving people
i. Assault
ii. Battery
iii. False imprisonment
b. Actions on the case
i. Wilful infliction of nervous shock
ii. Wilful infliction of physical harm
c. Actions involving land
i. Trespass to land
d. Actions involving goods
i. Trespass to goods
ii. Conversion
iii. Detinue
e. Defences
i. Self defence
ii. Consent
iii. Necessity
iv. Other defences
3. Essay topics


Semester 1, 2019

4 pages

8,023 words



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