My notes are a compilation of lectures, the required cases, especially with focus on the guidance given by the lecturers. WITH EMPHASIS ON TOPICS YOU NEED TO ANSWER PROBLEM QUESTIONS IN FINAL EXAM. As you can see from the sample, the notes are easy to read, colour-coordinated and is concise, yet covers all you need for the final exam. The notes are well-formatted and structured by topic, including: - Lecturer's focus points are highlighted. - Case summary into Facts/Issue/Held. - Legislation. - Any relevant step-by-step approach to problems questions. Topics include: - Procedural Fairness - Considerations Grounds - Unreasonableness and Uncertainty - Errors of law and fact - Jurisdictional Error and Invalidity - Judicial Review Remedies - Restricting Judicial Review


Semester 1, 2019

57 pages

30,000 words



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