Unabridged notes on the whole Foundations of Algorithms subject. Includes summaries of self-researched C coding summaries, all lectures (3 lectures a week for 12 weeks), all workshops, and notes on lessons learned from tests and practice exams.

Topics include:

All syntax, laws, semantics, formatting, structures and nuances of C programming. Covers the use and organisation of dynamic memory, as well as pointers (inc. referencing & dereferencing). Looks into time and memory complexity of functions and data structures, including asymptotic complexity. Introduction to computer organization and machine level representation of data, as well as software development tools such as debugging.

Further analysis of programs includes: induction and recursion, basic searching algorithms (linear and binary), basic sorting algorithms (such as selection sort, insertion sort, quicksort), basic data structures (binary search trees and hash tables).


Semester 2, 2019

35 pages

13,345 words



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