Comprehensive notes of the readings for International Relations: Key Questions, under clear headings and dot-points, complete with page numbers for ease of referencing. These notes helped me achieve a score of 83, and they were especially helpful for the take-home exam. Includes the following readings: - Great Power Politics in the Twenty-First Century - The Bush Doctrine and the Iraq War - Reducing the Risk of Nuclear War - Nuclear Myths and Political Realities - Mediating Estrangement - Diplomacy and Domestic Politics: the Logic of Two-Level Games - ICCPR: does it make a a in human rights behaviour? - The Development of the International Human Rights Regime in the Twentieth Century - Sovereignty and its Discontents - Environmental Security and International Relations: the Case for Enclosure - Assessing the Importance of Ideas in Security Studies


Semester 2, 2019

23 pages

5,000 words



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