Got a HD in the exam with these notes! There's a lot of content covered in this unit regarding Credit Analysis and these notes cover all topics comprehensively. I’d love for anyone who gets these notes to get a HD in the exam, seeing as I have covered absolutely everything you need to know in these notes, with the inclusion of examples. These notes: - You can use them as a checklist to know what you need to cover for the exam. - It covers all important topics and terminology. - These notes can be used to follow along easily week by week, as well as provides a great way to revise for exams at the end of semester. - At the end of every topic, I have included notes and questions that you can use to review the topic as the questions are based on potential exam questions!! Covers every single topic from Week 1 - Week 11, with Week 12 notes being exam topics and a checklist for what you need to cover in preparation for the exam. The topics covered in this unit are different to how they are set out in the textbook, but these notes cover: - PERSONAL LENDING: Chapters 1, 2, 3 which is an introduction to small personal lending, large personal lending, security, when things go wrong. - CORPORATE LENDING: small corporate lending, large corporate lending, security, when things go wrong - SPECIAL CUSTOMERS: advances to builders, property advances - PART 1: Origination - covers the fundamentals of credit risk, governance, checklist for origination. - PART 2a: Credit Assessment - covers measurement of credit risk, dynamic credit exposure, fundamentals of credit analysis. - PART 2b: Credit Assessment - covers alternative estimations of credit quality (Moody's analytics EDF), CDS instruments, securitization, main types of ABS. - PART 3a: Portfolio Management - covers the 3 different levels of Credit Portfolio Management (CPM): level 1, 2, 3, Economic capital, CVaR. - PART 3b - Portfolio Management - covers regulation, accounting implications of credit risk, loan-loss accounting. - PART 4 - Mitigation & Transfer - covers repo's, measurement of counterparty credit risk, collateral, covenants, LOC's. - EXAM REVISION, CONTEMPORARY ISSUES (this is a question in the exam that needs to be covered), EXAM MATERIAL, BANK LENDING ETHICS.


Semester 1, 2019

26 pages

8,212 words



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