Comprehensive and well-organised notes based on lectures, textbook and readings.

Received a Distinction grade for the course.

The content of the notes are as follows:
-Class 1: Introduction: history and theory; regulatory overview
-Class 2: Company formation; business structures and types of companies
-Class 3: Corporate fundraising: debt and equity
-Class 4: Corporate insolvency: overview of Ch 5; winding up and statutory demands
-Class 5: Corporate personality and limited liability
-Class 6: Corporate personality and limited liability
-Class 7: The Corporate constitution
-Class 8: Corporate decision-making organs
-Class 9: Member’s meetings
-Class 10: General law liability in contract and tort
-Class 11: Statutory civil liability
-Class 12: Corporate criminal liability
-Class 13: Directors’ and officers’ duties I: duty of good faith and for a proper purpose
-Class 14: Directors’ and officers’ duties II: conflicts and secret profits
-Class 15: Directors’ and officers’ duties III: conflicts (continued); statutory regulation of conflicts;
related-party transactions
-Class 16: Directors’ and officers’ duties IV: the duty of care, skill and diligence
-Class 17: The duty to avoid insolvent trading
-Class 18: Members’ rights and remedies 1
-Class 19: Members’ rights and remedies 2


Semester 2, 2019

180 pages

76,137 words



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