I loved every bit of this course! Despite how content heavy it was, it provided useful and relevant information that I could carry into my career. I hope these notes help you as much as they helped me. Weekly Topics: Week 1: Course Introduction Week 2: Age and Crime Patterns Week 3: Developmental Theory (Moffit’s Dual Taxonomy) Week 4: Developmental Theory (Sampson & Laub’s Social Control) Week 5: Early Childhood and Problem Behaviour Week 6: Transition to Adolescence Week 7: Adolescent Problem Behaviours (Sex & Drugs) Week 8: Adolescent Problem Behaviours (Violence & Gang involvement) Week 9 & 10: Adulthood Week 11: Adult Offending Week 12: Implications for Policy & Intervention


Semester 1, 2019

30 pages

7,876 words



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