I thoroughly enjoyed this subject, and it taught me so much in terms of profiling skills and how they could be applied in day to day policing. I have removed some notes as they contain too many examples and for legal reasons they can not be shared. I hope the rest of these notes can help you excel in this subject as they helped me! Week 1: Overview and Evolution Web Week 2: Criminal Investigative Analysis (CIA) Week 3: Behavioural evaluation analysis (BEA) [notes omitted] Week 4: Investigative Profiling (IP) [notes omitted] Week 5: Clinical Psychology & Psychiatry – Crime Action Profiling (CAP) Week 6: Diagnostic Evaluations (DE) Week 7: MO, Signature & Linkage Analysis Week 8: Crime Reconstruction [notes omitted] Week 9: Victimology Week 10: Offender Characteristics Week 11: Opportunity Theories & Geographic Profiling Week 12: Efficacy, Ethics & Conclusion


Semester 1, 2019

45 pages

13,103 words


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