2 Page Exam Cheat Sheet - To be taken into the exam. - Contains all relevant information from Modules 1 to 11. - If you knew nothing going into the exam, this cheat sheet will enable you to pass. It contains an insane amount of information. - All neatly organised into colour-coded individual boxes. - Summary table of symbols, parameters, statistics and formulas. - Step-by-step instructions for every kind of hypothesis test: for proportions, 1 sample mean, 2 independent sample means, 2 paired means, and the chi-square test. - Notes on binomial distributions and the normal approximation to the binomial. - Notes on sample proportions and sample means. Describing distribution: visually and numerically. - The correlation coefficient, correlation coefficient squared, and linear regression lines. - Types of errors, types of samples, types of studies, and types of variables. - Types of Distribution Tables with formulas and explanation. - The law of large numbers. - 5 number summary. - 68–95– rule. - Statistical significance.


Semester 2, 2019

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