These are the exhasutive subject notes that I compiled throughout the entire semester. I used them to revise for my ATS1835 Philosophy Exam and scored (90%) in the exam and 80 overall. The notes succintly detail all of the content from lectures, readings and pre-lecture videos on each main topic. They will ensure you have an in-depth understanding of every part of the course. They will also be helpful for assignments because they break down the concepts you are assessed on. The notes cover the following topics: 1. TIME TRAVEL a. The identity paradox and David Lewis' rebuttal using temporal parts or time slices b. The paradox of Tim the time traveller and David Lewis' use of external and personal time to explain this paradox 2. FREE WILL a, Roskies' view on neuroscience and how this affects our understanding of determinism and free will b. Daniel Dennett’s approach to freedom of will in "I Could Not Have Done Otherwise-So What?” 3. MIND (DUALISM & PHYSCIALISM), TURING MACHINES AND ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE a. Can a machine think by producing anything new? b. Theology and machines (whether they can have souls). c. Machines and consciousness. 4. IDENTITY a. Locke's theory of personal identity and the strongest objections to it. b. Derek Parfit's view in "Personal Identity" and how the definition of survival should shift from memory to pyschological connections and continuity. c. The Nyaya argument from memory, the Buddhist objection and the Mimamsa argument in response to the Buddhist objection.


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