Land Law appears really complex; however, this unit is very straight-forward, and actually pretty easy. The reading materials for this unit tend to over complicate a straight forward concept, some things that could have been said in 10 words are said in 1000 words, my advice is to know this going in and try your best not to over complicate simple concepts.
In a nutshell, the unit consists on 3 concepts –
1. Priority rules
2. Indefeasibility of title
3. Co-ownership

If you understand this going into the unit, it will make your life so much easier, each week’s topics will fall under one of these concepts, so when it comes time to answer exam questions, you will simply have to figure out which one of these 3 concepts the question is concerned with.

I cannot stress this enough, read the prescribed cases!
Each topic in this unit is pretty straight forward but the cases are complicated and the exam questions are going to be based on the problems presented in the cases. This is because, on its face, the topics are so straight forward that it’s hard to ask a problem question concerning something so easy, so the exam problems have to come from the cases.
One of the exam questions in the T2 2019 exam was concerned with trusts, however, trusts are a completely separate unit that is to be completed later on, and there was nothing in the reading material that discussed trusts in depth, however, there were a few cases where the issue for the court was concerned with trusts, thus you were expected to understand trusts to the extent of the cases, if you did not read the relevant cases, there is NO way you would have been able to answer the question.

Anyway, that’s my advice for the unit. The notes I have provided are all that I took into the exam, I have tried to write them in steps so it’s just a matter of identifying the problem and following the steps.



Trimester 2, 2019

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