Covers all course and exam material with all legislative references and case law (including short summaries) required (for 2019 Sem 2 syllabus). Where possible, I have set out notes in the order you would answer an exam scenario.

Covers the following topics:

1. Sources of employment law
2. Nature of working relationships
3. Employment contracts
4. Terms of employment contract
5. Implied duties of employees
6. Implied duties of employers
7. Unfair dismissal
8. Termination at common law
9. General protections / adverse action
10. Bullying and anti-discrimination

Abbreviations used:

‘ER’ = Employer
‘EE’ = Employee
‘EK’ = Employment contract
‘FWA’ = Fair Work Act
‘EOA’ = Equal Opportunity Act

Legislative citations will be to the FWA unless otherwise stated.

Best of luck!


Semester 2, 2019

69 pages

33,349 words



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