Concise but comprehensive notes covering most of the content examinable via problem questions. Sub-topics which are missing include 'the unborn and their parents' (Topic 8), 'police tort claims' (Topic 13) and 'agency' (Topic 13). Notes are formatted with subheadings and numbered lists based on a suggested structure to answer problem questions. The structure is not meant to mimic the literal structure of the essay but rather an order by which to consider issues. Types of cases (including their defences and damages) covered include: - Battery (and Medical Battery) - Assault - False Imprisonment - Action on the Case for Wilfully Inflicted Psychiatric Injury - Statutory Action for Psychiatric Injury to Victims of Intentional Torts - Negligence Topics relevant to cases covered include: - Vicarious Liability - Survival Claims - Compensation to Relatives Claims - Action for the Loss of Services of an Employee General tips section at the front for a big-picture view.


Semester 2, 2019

18 pages

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