These notes have everything you need to know for the ever daunting tax exam. Colour coordinated to allow for easy cross-referencing between topics and organised in a clear structure to ensure you cover all relevant elements, with references to the textbook where helpful.

Also includes my very own version of Barkoczy's infamous one-page diagram, fitting the whole course into a series of boxes (he's right, it is incredibly helpful) and a useful calculation table to put all your figures in during the exam to ensure you don't forget any transactions.

These notes helped me get 88% on the final exam, and I know they can help you too :)

All topics covered in the course are included:
- Income Tax
- Income (Ordinary and Statutory)
- Deductions (General and Specific)
- Capital Assets
- Superannuation
- Companies and Dividends


Semester 2, 2019

54 pages

20,539 words



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