These notes are for VSC223 Veterinary Histology and Immunology and cover the FIRST half of the topics studied in this subject. Topics include: -Histology of the respiratory tract -Histology of the cardiovascular, lymphatic and haematopoietic systems -Histological markers for cells and tissues -Structure and function of the components of the four basic tissues, nervous tissue and special senses -Histology of the endocrine organs -Mechanisms and machinery of cellular metabolism -Histology of the integument and associated structures -Histology of the urinary tract -Histology of the male reproductive tract -Histology of the female reproductive tract -Histology of the gastrointestinal tract and associated organs -Innate defence mechanisms -Cells of the innate immune system -Cells of the adaptive immune system -Introductory haematology -The key role of lymphocytes in immunology -Antibody response, vaccination and serology -Major Histocompatability Complex -The role of cytokines in orchestrating immune reactions -B cell activation and antibody responses


Semester 2, 2019

110 pages

13,318 words


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