These are the exam notes with which I scored 78 in the subject in Semester 2, 2019. Included are:
- Relevant legislative provisions and case law
- Steps to follow in hypo with detailed analysis/explanation to aid your understanding
- Policy discussion, useful for essay purposes

The notes begin with a shorter hypo checklist, then more detailed notes after.

Topics covered are those relevant to the final exam:
- Justifications for trade mark protection
- Registrability
- Absolute and relative grounds of opposition
- Infringement
- Rectification
- Trade mark transactions and litigation
- Passing off and ACL

My notes are typically quite comprehensive but they have served me well. In my first year of the JD, I received a scholarship for academic excellence. I graduated with a high H2A average, did a number of clerkships including one overseas and have a grad position for next year.


Semester 2, 2019

119 pages

60,551 words



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