Monash University LAW2201:

An in-depth analysis of all 125 cases in Torts A, this book comes complete with each case's facts, issues and the court's ruling.

Each case also comes with a relevant pictorial cue for easy recall of their individual details. An indispensable, clear and concise companion as you pursue your studies in Torts A.

This book is most successfully used in conjunction with either of my 2 other Torts A publications: Torts A - Principles Book and Torts A - Exam Flow Chart.

Best of luck with your studies, and enjoy!

Topics covered include:

1. Elements of Trespass Torts

2. Torts of Trespass to the Person
a. Battery
b. Assault
c. False Imprisonment

3. Intentional Injury to the Person - Action on the Case

4. Defences to Intentional Torts
a. Consent
b. Self-Defence
c. Necessity
d. Lawful Arrest

5. Control and Protection of Goods
a. Bailments
b. Trespass to Goods
c. Action on the Case
d. Conversion
e. Detinue
f. Torts to Goods - Remedies

6. Rights and Duties associated with Land

7. Nuisance

8. Vicarious Liability


Semester 1, 2017

84 pages

31,166 words



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