Very detailed notes on every lecture taught. All important diagrams and charts explained clearly alongside additional text.

Notes include the following lectures:
Functional Properties of Skeletal Muscle I
Functional Properties of Skeletal Muscle II
Muscle Injury
Muscle Regeneration
Muscle Plasticity I
Muscle Plasticity II
Skeletal Muscle Fatigue
Ageing and Skeletal Muscle
Overview of Exercise Metabolism
Intracellular Signalling
Hormones and Exercise
Carbohydrate Metabolism During Exercise
Lipid Metabolism During Exercise
Protein Metabolism During Exercise
Skeletal Muscle Mass: Mechanisms of Hypertrophy
Skeletal Muscle Mass: Mechanisms of Atrophy
Nutritional Interventions in Muscle Metabolism
Growth Promoting Agents and Skeletal Muscle
Inflammation Signalling in Skeletal Muscle
Key Proteins in Skeletal Muscle
Cancer Cachexia
Oxygen Uptake During Exercise
Cardiovascular Responses to Exercise
Respiratory Responses to Exercise
Maximum Oxygen Uptake
Temperature and Fluid Balance During Exercise
Physiological Determinants of Exercise Performance
Gene Therapies of Neuromuscular Disorders
Myogenesis: The Molecular Basis of Muscle Development
Myogenesis: From Stem Cells to Muscles
Transcriptional Regulation of Skeletal Muscle Stem Cells
Metabolic Remodelling of Skeletal Muscle Stem Cells


Semester 1, 2017

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