** Final Mark for this VIVA = 35/35** This guide goes through everything you're expected to answer for your EBP VIVA. I put a lot of effort into my preparation, and am keen to share the process I used that enabled me to get full marks. I have tailored this guide to all students, I'm from an Occupational Therapy Cohort, however all disciplines would benefit from this guide as instructions are not OT specific. What's included? - Introduce your case study, clinical question and evidence found. Did you need to respond to feedback or make changes from Part B - What is the relevance, quality, strength and consistency of the evidence? - How have you contrasted and integrated the evidence of individual articles into one body of evidence? - What is the overall best evidence summary for your original question? - Can you estimate a clinical effect size, or range of effect from the evidence? If not, why? - What is your clients minimal important difference (MID) for the intervention? - What implications does this have for your client? - Are there any ICF contextual factors to be considered in clinical reasoning for this client? - Are there any professional or values-based reasoning recommendations to your client during shared decision-making? - How might you communicate your evidence-based reasoning recommendations to your client during shared decision making? All sections contain TIPS and a few definitions to help with understanding. I have 'shown' my working out on all statistical analyses, and provided tables to assist with synthesising data on the day.


Semester 2, 2019

7 pages

2,381 words



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