This is a comprehensive exam summary catered towards providing a step-by-step guide towards answering an evidence problem question. The topics are organised according to when it is most appropriate that they are raised and examined during a problem answer (for example, relevance is the first issue, followed by hearsay, then opinion, etc). The key principles for each topic are highlighted, and appropriate subtitles are provided in red so the user can follow it step-by-step to ensure a complete analysis. The topics are as below (in the following order): 1 Relevance 2 Hearsay 2A Admissions (Hearsay Exception) 3 Opinion 4 Tendency and Coincidence 5 Credibility and Character 6 Identification Evidence 7 Exclusionary Rules Privilege is not covered in this study guide, though it is taken into account as a key step in the overall process of problem-solving. The author received an HD in Evidence, both overall and in the exam.


Semester 2, 2018

36 pages

12,717 words



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