Scored an HD with 30 mins to spare on final exam only using these notes!

I got an HD on every Brand Management assessment using these notes.

Notes are formatted so they are EASY TO UNDERSTAND AND MEMORISE. An array of PROVEN memorisation techniques are used throughout the notes' formatting.

Includes ALL graphs and models that you NEED to understand and memorise to replicate in the exam to show 100% understanding of material:
- Customer-Based Brand Equity/Resonance Model (worth 20% of EVERY assessment incl. exam)
- Brand Value Chain
- Information Processing Model of Communications
- Brand Reinforcement Model
- Brand Revitalisation Model

(graphs/flow charts are the FASTEST and EASIEST way to show understanding of the models)

Includes everything applicable to the final exam.
Notes' content:
- What is a Brand?
- Brand Elements
- Brand Positioning
- Brand Associations
- Importance of Customer-Based Brand Equity
- Brand Building – Achieving Brand Resonance – CBBE Model
- Brand Value Chain
- Brand Identity - Brand Elements
- Marketing Mix
- IMC – Integrated Marketing Communications
- Leveraging Secondary Brand Associations
- Building Customer-Based Brand Equity - Summary
- Developing A Brand Equity Measurement System
- Measuring Sources of Brand Equity
- Measuring Outcomes of Brand Equity – Capturing
- Market Performance
- Brand Architecture + Brand Extensions
- Managing Brands Over Time
- Managing Brands Over Geographical Boundaries &
- Market Segments
- Brands Challenges
+ Case Studies (UNIQLO, Share A Coke, Fanta)


Trimester 2, 2019

35 pages

9,000 words



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