These notes include all the topics covered in the final exam in LAWS1021 Public Law. I brought these notes into my final exam and it was useful in setting out legal rules and exceptions. My notes are colour coded by: - Dark Red/Light Blue for topic headings - Dark Blue for sub-headings - Purple for Cases - Red for key terms/principles/explanations My notes also have colourful tables for excerpts of legislation required for the exam and in setting out LEGAL TESTS. Topics include: - Executive Power (Prerogative Powers, Nationhood Power, Power to Contract and Spend) - Access to Government Documents (FOI, Production of documents ordered by a House) - Rule-making Accountability (Executive Power to make Delegated Legislation, Delegated Legislation, Disallowance) - Fourth Arm of Government - Integrity Bodies (Ombudsman, Anti-corruption Bodies including ICAC) - Separation of Powers and Meaning of Judicial Power (Ch III, Separation of Powers at Federal and State level, Exceptions to Boilermaker's Principle) - State Courts and Exercise of Judicial Power (Kable principle, State courts and incompatible functions) - Matter and Standing


Semester 2, 2018

50 pages

18,234 words



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