Very comprehensive textbook/lecture/exam notes and scaffold covering all topics. Useful for class participation, mid-sem assignment and final exam. Includes: Legal Remedies: Damages, general principles, Personal Injury, Aggravated and Exemplary Damages, Property and Economic Loss, Breach of Contract Australian Consumer Law: Trade or Commerce, Misleading/Deceptive Conduct Misleading/Deceptive Conduct (Silence, Promise and Predictions and Future Matters) Reliance: Section 236 ACL (Causation) Assessment of Damages Liability of Persons Involved in the Contravention Damages: Contributory Negligence and Proportionate Liability Issues of Limitation: Claim under s 236(2) ACL Equitable Remedies: Specific Performance, Rectification and Rescission Restitution


Semester 2, 2017

130 pages

76,268 words



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