These are the notes that I used in the final exam.

Included are:
- Hypo structures
- Detailed analysis/explanation to aid understanding
- Case summaries

Topics covered:
- Terms (Incorporation, Interpretation, Implication)
- Consumer Protection (Unfair Terms, Consumer Guarantees)
- Termination (Consent, Frustration, Contingent Conditions, Breach, Restrictions)
- Vitiating Factors (Unfair Conduct, Illegality)

My notes are typically quite comprehensive but they have served me well so far. In my first year of the JD, I received a scholarship for academic excellence. I have a high H2A average and have done a number of clerkships including one overseas. Next year I will begin working as a graduate at one of these firms.


Semester 2, 2017

102 pages

45,487 words



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