My notes are a comprehensive blend of lecture and tutorial content in easy to understand language.

I also have FIVE practice exams with answers. These practice exams helped me immensely and I believe are the reason I achieved a High Distinction in this challenging subject. They are the same format as the exam (multiple choice) and a great revision resource!

Topics covered:

- Applied analysis – Graphs, outliers and assumptions
- One0way and factorial ANOVA
- Repeated Measures ANOVA
- Covariance and correlations
- Linear Regression Effect Sizes and Diagnostics
- Multiple linear regression
- Categorical Predictors
- Dummy Coding
- Categorical predictors in regression
- Interactions and moderations in regression
- Hierarchical regression and model comparisons
- Logistic regression for Binary Outcomes

Great help for those wanting to improve their grades, understand the content better or get into honours!


Semester 2, 2018

59 pages

14,000 words



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