All mandatory readings for the entire course and included supplementary readings are summarised within this document. Unlike other notes it provides complete summaries of designated readings for each assigned class reading.

Topics include:

Community Legal Centres: clinical component
Ethics, Legal Ethics and the Law
Behavioural Legal Ethics
The Legal Profession, the Regulatory System and the Context of Change
Service and Access to Justice
Entry to the Profession
Representing and Advising the Client
Money Matters
Loyalty to the Client
Conflicting Loyalties
Lawyers’ Accountability (Discipline & Liability)
Role Morality and the Unethical (?) Client
Civility, Courtesy & Law Firm Culture
Ethics Implementation
Fidelity to the Law and Civil Litigation
Ethics at the Criminal Bar (and Family Bar)
Corporate Lawyers and Corporate Misconduct
Ethics in Negotiation and ADR


Semester 2, 2018

140 pages

57,959 words



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