Semester 2, 2017

Detailed Land Law Notes

94 pages

46,688 words




These detailed land law notes will not disappoint!

I received a high Distinction mark using only these notes. If you do not have time to listen to the lectures or read through the text to prepare for exams, these lecture notes will assist you. Pieter took the lectures, and I transcribed them into an 'easy to follow' format with clear explanation on all main themes.

They include the following topics-
1. Land interests and formalities
2. Priority rules (general/old title land) & Electronic Conveyancing
3. Torrens System and indefeasibility
4. Statutory Exceptions to indefeasibility
5. Non-statutory exceptions to indefeasibility
6. Volunteers and paramount interests
7. The assurance fund
8. Unregistered interests
Also included is a 'step by step guide' to work out how to answer a priority dispute! This was a very useful tool for the exam :)