Corporate Law allows open book for the final exam, so you are allowed to bring in any amount of hard copy notes (I brought my own notes and the textbook). Using these notes, I achieved a final mark of 93! Not included in my notes is content from Week 1, which contained an introduction of the subject and discussion on the basics of company. Week 12 was a revision lecture.

As a student who DID NOT take legal studies in high school, these notes pushed my grade into 90+ with ease despite having limited knowledge of law and law writing.

EVERY mention of a section from the Corporations Act is in the colour red. This will help you find and identify the relevant sections during the exams.

Included topics:

Week 2: Setting up companies and disclosure requirements
Week 3: Decision making in companies
Week 4: Member meetings, decision making and members' rights and statutory remedies
Week 5: Summary of directors' duties
Week 6: Duty of care and Duty to prevent insolvent trading
Week 7: Good faith and proper purpose duty
Week 8: Duty to avoid conflicts of interest
Week 9: Dividends and capital maintenance
Week 10: Protecting shareholders' votes

Case studies used in exam
Proprietary V Public analysis (table form)

Guide to my notes: some concepts ( establishing a breach of s180) are sorted into step 1, 2, 3 ... etc. for easier application onto questions.

HIGH H1 exam tip: attend and finish ALL tutorials and UNDERSTAND each question included


Semester 1, 2019

68 pages

137,791 words



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