Semester 2, 2019

BIOL3046 Animal Behaviour Course Notes

57 pages

16,291 words



Complete set of study notes covering contents of all 22 lectures comprehensively. Notes were written according to learning objectives provided on the lecture slides, where summary tables and diagrams were also included to assist in final studies (also personally recommend doing extra readings when revising for finals:)). The list of topics (in lecture orders) include:

1. Basics of behaviour
2. Game theory & evolution of cooperation
3. Natural selection, honest signals
4. Behavioural epigenetics.
5. Kin selection & social behaviour
6. Altruism & cooperation
7. Sex ratio
8. Sexual selection & mate choice
9. Parental care & mating systems
10. Parent offspring conflict & siblicide
11. Foraging & economic decision making
12-13. Animal sociality
14. Collective behaviour
15-16. Sensory ecology
17-19. Animal communication
19-21. Predator and prey behaviour
22. Parasites and behaviour




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